Schwan Cosmetics Launches Cooling Concealer

Schwan Cosmetics' Awake Cooling Concealer.
Schwan Cosmetics' Awake Cooling Concealer.

Schwan Cosmetics has launched its Awake cooling under eye concealer.  

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The vegan concealer features Schwan's Hydraceal formula, giving users a cooling sensation due to its 30% water content. 

Awake is said to give skin a smoothing effect and contains moisturizing ingredients such as 10% jojoba oil and 2% glycerin.

It was also developed with applicators in a new design to help to reach every corner of the face, without interfering with the rest of the makeup. 

Sandra Lossau, vice president of global category management, said, “The new Hydraceal concept takes the concealer category to a new level. Thanks to the smart combination of ingredients, the consumer feels a cooling sensation whilst enjoying a perfect coverage, a real sensorial experience. In contrast to paste-like concealer sticks that barely allow the skin to breathe, the texture is long-lasting, transfer-proof and still feels lightweight. Hydraceal is therefore the best choice for the days of face masks.”

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