Former U.S. President Bill Clinton Talks Fragrance

The Fragrance Foundation hosted the first of its Fragrance Foundation Talks on January 29, 2014 in New York, featuring keynote speaker former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who talked about instability, inequality, climate change and the contributions of the fragrance industry to Haiti’s economy, including recognizing Firmenich’s sustainable work there with vetiver oil. (Read more about Firmenich’s sustainability efforts in “Firmenich US Turns 75” in Perfumer & Flavorist’s March 2012 issue.) When asked about which scent he wears, Clinton first said he doesn’t, only to later jokingly admit that he does wear cologne, although the ingredients are “secret.” Clinton offered words of advice, including “don’t be afraid, and do what you believe in,” and “everybody’s got a story and everyone is interesting.”

To learn more about this speech from President Clinton, as well as more on this and upcoming Fragrance Foundation Talks, visit and check out the April issues of GCI and Perfumer & Flavorist magazines.

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