How Millennial Men are Influencing the Fragrance Market


A recent Mintel blog post, written by Michelle Strutton, claims that the key to America’s fragrance market may be in the hands of Millennial men.

The post states that American men, aged 18-34, are by far the main fragrance user group and are drawn especially to perfume and eau de toilette.

According to Mintel…

  • Three in five 18-34 males use personal care products in order to smell good
  • A third of Millennial males fragranced ancillary products– shower gel, deodorant, aftershave, etc.– smell just as good as perfume

Strutton writes, “Scent’s status as the primary motivator for Millennials suggests better brand leverage can be achieved with fragrance extensions in the personal care space. Fragranced ancillary lines should continue to gain traction with this demographic in the latter part of the decade.”

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