Pour le Monde Parfums Collection


What it is: Pour le Monde Parfums Collection

Claims: Pour le Monde Parfums are the only certified 100% natural prestige fragrances in the world. The collection is complex, diverse and sophisticated, allowing users to indulge in the luxury of natural, non-toxic scents that last and radiate elegance. From blooming florals to fragrant fruits, each scent is masterfully crafted with the highest grade of essential oils to bring a remarkable experience that awakens emotion and uplifts the spirit. Each eau de parfum in the Pour le Monde Parfums collection also benefits a correlating charity.

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Ingredient Highlights: Free of harmful chemicals, such as phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and dyes. Animal cruelty-free, vegan and certified by the Natural Products Association.

Collection highlights: 

Empower: Unisex, sporty, invigorating, refreshing

Category: Citrus

Top: Exquisite citruses from all over the world: lemon, lime, bergamot, orange, mandarin grapefruit 

Middle: Spearmint, cassis, basil, lemongrass, orange flower

Base: Cedar wood, benzoin (naturally derived), patchouli (just a drop) 

Charity: 10% supports Guiding Eyes for the Blind/Heeling Autism


Together: Feminine, classic, graceful, flirtatious

Category: Floral

Top: Lemon and bergamot (the citrus brings out the florals in the heart)

Middle: Jasmine, violet, freesia, lilac (for a wonderful bouquet)

Base: Woodsy blends, vanilla, balsam and a small touch of patchouli

Charity: 10% benefits the Cancer Support Community


Envision: Exotic, sensual, spicy, gourmand

Category: Oriental

Top: Bergamot, orange, lime, grapefruit, pink peppercorn (the spice shakes up the citrus) Middle:  Lavender, palma rosa, Egyptian geranium rose (soothing and sensual)

Base: Patchouli, blend of woods, Madagascar vanilla (gives it warmth and power)

Charity: 10% helps the National Multiple Sclerosis Society



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