New Celebrity Fragrances Boost Category

Fragrance sales in the United States saw 3% growth in 2005, showing improvement over the 2% growth rate in 2004. Additionally, several new celebrity fragrances introductions helped increase demand for premium women’s fragrances. Premium women’s fragrances led growth in fragrances in 2005, with an increase of 5%. Massive advertising and marketing campaigns for new products boosted growth in both men’s and women’s premium fragrances with premium men’s gaining 3% in value sales terms.

The performance of mass fragrances was not as good as premium fragrances, with decreases in the sector attributed to a lack of new product innovation. The increased availability of premium fragrances in mass market channels such as drug stores, Target, and Wal-Mart have continued to reduce demand for mass fragrances, which hold less allure for consumers.

Market Share of Fragrance Sectors - 2005


Premium vs. Mass Women’s Fragrances 2000-2005


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