Hair Care Ingredient Innovation

Conditioning, Feel; Repair

BioPlex Cetysil S (BioSil): An ingredient that provides conditioning properties without reducing foam; useful in shampoo, conditioner and other hair applications.

Biosil Basics SPQ (BioSil): A silicone panthenol quaternary compound that offers benefits for hair strength, anti-breakage, conditioning and manageability.

Cystine Smoothing Treatment (Croda): A hair smoothing system formulated with the company’s Crodasone Cystine, a complex that creates a protective layer on hair, restores resilience and helps to minimize frizz.

Deposilk Q1 (Centerchem): A polymer offering superior deposition of ingredients and an excellent sensory profile. Products will feel silky and smooth, and other benefits include rheology stability, a mild nature, wide compatibility, and flexible, natural-feeling barrier benefits.

Dimethisil NH-2080 (Chemsil): A functionalized dimethicone polymer that adds silky softness to hair, decreases flyaways, conditions, improves color depth and longevity, and protects hair from heat damage.

Dow Corning CE-1689 Smoothing Emulsion (Dow Corning): A silicone material developed for Asian hair that provides excellent dry combing and dry feel when formulated in shampoos and rinse-off conditioners. When incorporated into shampoos, it also offers color protection.

Dow Corning CE-8411 Smooth Plus Emulsion (Dow Corning): A nonionic silicone emulsion with amine and polyether functionality designed to add a moisturizing feel and conditioning benefits to shampoos and conditioners.

EcoSmooth Satin (Dow Personal Care): A conditioning polymer for mild formulations that helps answer consumer demand for conditioning shampoos.

Kerabase LC (Inolex): A pre-blend system for hair conditioners that yields highly stable formulas with desirable application properties.

KeraDyn HH (Croda): A conditioning agent that restores healthy hair dynamics to damaged hair by enhancing fiber alignment and reducing friction between hair strands.

Keramare (Provital/Centerchem): An active sourced from brown algae that reconstructs damaged hair fibers and imparts shine.

Keramimic 2.0 (Croda): A highly substantive conditioning active keratin quat that provides targeted repair to damaged areas of the hair’s surface.

Keratrix (Provital/Centerchem): A restorative natural active for weakened hair that increases hair strength and elasticity, improves dry and weak hair, and repairs damaged hair.

Merquat 2003 PR Polymer (Lubrizol): A proprietary ampholytic terpolymer developed for use in color protection shampoos that also enhances wet combability and detangling, delivers creamy foam (even in sulfate-free surfactant systems) and improves hair feel.

Microsil Volume (Chemsil): A clear silicone microemulsion with active silicones that act as free radical scavengers and antioxidants that aid in hair health. It provides increased hair volume, softness and shine.

Nori Complex (Centerchem): A marine active that contains amino acids, proteins and polysaccharides to help hair recover strength and vitality while also reducing frizz.

Saberry (Sabinsa): An extract of amla fruit used to improve the health of the hair and scalp.

Velsan (Clariant): A biopolymer active that acts as a natural vegetal replacement for silicones, repairs and coats hair, and can create stable, creamy foam.

VibraRiche (Croda): A liquid technology for hair color formulations that offers shinier, more vibrant and longer-lasting color, as well as hair that feels soft, nourished and conditioned.

Efficacy Enhancer

Gransolve (Grant): A 100% pure solvent derived from corn sugar used to stabilize, solvate and deliver active ingredients into hair for higher efficacy. Applications include dyes/colorants, active-containing shampoos, conditioners and serums, and keratin treatments.

Intelimer 8600 (Centerchem): A film-forming, side-chain crystalline emulsion polymer with enhanced ingredient retention and improved ingredient spreading, which can boost the efficacy of some actives.


Acudyne Shine (Dow Personal Care): An acrylic hair styling polymer to impart high shine to hair spray formulations without affecting hold.

Biostyle CGP (AkzoNobel Global Personal Care): A naturally derived fixative polymer for clear hair gels, spray gels, creams, lotions and mousses.

Embrace (Coast Southwest): A soft-hold hair resin for PVP-free formulations.

Fixate Design Polymer (Lubrizol): An anionic, multifunctional film-forming polymer designed to deliver superior performance in hair styling applications and offering excellent formulation flexibility. When used in styling applications, Fixate Design polymer delivers high humidity resistance, tailored hold, exceptional shine, little to no flaking, enhanced volume and distinctive sensory.

Shineblend 9710 (Chemsil): A light, non-greasy hair spray that will leave all hair types with luminous shine.

Structure Style (AkzoNobel Global Personal Care): A starch-based polymer for hair that provides styling benefits with applications in hair gels, styling creams and lotions, mousses, serums, waxes, and pomades.

Tilamar Fix A140 (DSM Nutritional Products): An acrylate copolymer designed to provide ultimate hold in hair spray formulations without stickiness.

Zenvivo (Clariant): A vegetal chitosan biopolymer that can act as a film-former in hair styling applications.

Protection; Moisturization

Argan oil (Centerchem): Offers hair protective effects, as well as softening and anti-drying properties.

BiotHAIRapy (Ashland): Biofunctional extracts that target the outer and inner root sheath of the hair follicle to strengthen hair and make it healthier.

Chufa Milk EC (Crodarom): Consisting of sugars, amino acids, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins B, C and E, the ingredient provides moisturizing and antioxidant properties in hair care applications, as well as skin care.

Cococin (Sabinsa): An ingredient—green coconut water in powdered form with proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and growth hormones—that helps support cell growth and hydrate hair.

Collasurge (Croda): A moisturizing active composed of marine collagen amino acids that helps flood hair with hydrating collagen to enhance suppleness and flexibility.

Hybridur 875 (Centerchem): A polymer dispersion that helps deliver superior film and barrier protection properties, making it valuable for hair applications.

Keracyn (Provital/Centerchem): An ingredient obtained from artichoke leaves that is designed to enhance the hair’s own protective shield for health and shine using hydroxycinnamic derivatives.

Kerarice (Provital/Centerchem): An active ingredient derived from rice grains that protects the hair fiber and color from the sun’s damaging radiation.

Rhodiola Complex (Centerchem): An ingredient that helps fight against the damage caused by photoaging and restores elasticity, strength and the natural appearance of hair.

Sapindin (Sabinsa): An extract of the soap nut tree with mild detergent and antimicrobial properties useful in shampoos and hair care preparations, including anti-dandruff preparations.

Soy Complex (Centerchem): Protects hair from external aggressions, restores the hair fiber from the inside, and provides a smooth and radiant appearance for more manageable hair.

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