Spending Habits of Hair Care Consumers Examined

TextureMedia Inc. presented information on the spending habits of curly-haired consumers versus straight-haired consumers during its webinar “Consumer Spending Curly Hair vs. Straight Hair.”

In survey, researchers found curly-haired consumers spend 40% on their most commonly used hair care products monthly and annually spend approximately $350 on hair care products. Consumers with straight hair were found to spend about $250 annually on hair care products.

Additionally, TextureMedia found 54% of curly-haired consumers said they use four or more hair care products every day, versus 41% of straight-haired consumers.

To reach these consumers, TextureMedia found that “price” and “easy to find” were important to both curly- and straight-haired consumers, but curly-haired consumers also seek out hair care products with “online reviews/recommendations” and “natural/green ingredients.”

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