Granny & Co-washing Trends Examined in New Report

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According to Kline, women of all ages are coloring their hair shades of silver and gray, which led to 2014 hair colorant sales gains of 46% and 14%, respectively, in the brights and silver shade groups.

This is the most significant manifestation of the "granny trend."

Another trend validated by Kline is co-washing, "which is the practice of cleansing one's hair with conditioner instead of shampoo." This reflects the huge growth in clarifying conditioners, which account for less than 1% of conditioner sales as of 2014.

Ouidad's Curl Co-Wash is among the leading items in the segment, according to Kline.

"Functional hair care, or products that provide specific performance-oriented benefits like restoring hair or imparting shine, is another area" that is growing, according to Kline. Independent salons are noting a rise in shampoo and conditioning products addressing thinning hair.

Conversely, hair oil sales dropped down 6% in chains and 5% in independents in 2014. The category has reached maturity, Kline notes.


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