The Hottest Beauty Trends of Summer 2018


Laid back and au naturel: The aesthetic of Summer 2018.

Pinterest has announced the most popular summer beauty trends among its pinners with natural products and styles coming out on top. This comes as no surprise when you consider that Gen Z and millennials buy natural and organic beauty and personal care products more than any other generation, with 78% saying they do so some of the time, compared to 76% of Generation X and 69% of baby boomers.

Pinterest's top hair and beauty trends of Summer 2018

  • Spiral hair ties— which hold hair without leaving a kink— saw a 2198% YoY increase in saves;
  • Air dried hair saw a 166% increase YoY in saves;
  • SPF hair mists meant to protect users' part saw a 52% increase YoY in saves;
  • Body polishes meant to exfoliant the skin saw a 199% increase YoY in saves;
  • Natural sunscreens saw a 121% increase YoY in saves; 
  • Tinted sunscreens saw a 157% increase YoY in saves;
  • Lip balms with SPF saw a 304% increase YoY in saves; and
  • Natural deodorants saw a 116% increase YoY in saves. 
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