Schwarzkopf Jumps Into the Plex Game

There's a new player in the booming plex space.
There's a new player in the booming plex space.

Plex products, or bond multipliers, grew 525% between 2014 and 2015, and are poised for even more growth this year. Now, Schwarzkopf has introduced its FibrePlex Bond Enforcing System at Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons.

The product reportedly reduces hair breakage in three steps, offering color protection. The line includes:

  • FibrePlex N°1 Bond Booster (3.4 fl. oz./$66.00 or 16.9 fl.oz./$190.00), which protects the hair structure during the coloring process
  • FibrePlex N°2 Bond Sealer (3.4 fl. oz./$32.00 or 16.9 fl.oz./$94.00 each) post-coloring treatment that seals bonds in the hair fiber
  • FibrePlex N°3 Bond Maintainer (3.4 fl. oz.; $28.00 each) at-home treatment for protecting hair from mechanical damage while rebuilding broken bonds
  • FibrePlex Sulfate-Free Shampoo (6.7 fl. oz./$20.00 and 1L./$55.00), which offers gentle cleansing for colored hair

“FibrePlex protects the hair structure during coloration, which is amazing," said Lesley Jennison, global color ambassador at Schwarzkopf Professional. "This gives hairdressers and clients so much more flexibility and possibilities to be creative.”


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