Walmart Expands Hair Care Offerings with Rucker Roots and CurlDaze

Rucker Roots will be entering select Walmart stores with four products.
Rucker Roots will be entering select Walmart stores with four products.

Walmart is expanding its hair care offerings with the retail debut of Rucker Roots and an exclusive hair collection from CurlDaze.

Rucker Roots

Rucker Roots will be entering select Walmart stores with four products. 

The products include:

  • Smoothing Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Cleanses gently while maintaining hair's natural moisture balance, infused with natural root extracts for a healthy shine.
  • Leave-In Heat Protectant: Offers robust protection against heat damage, providing essential moisture and nutrients to keep hair looking and feeling healthy.
  • Define and Stretch Curl Custard: Delivers long-lasting curl definition and moisture, ensuring curls remain vibrant and frizz-free.
  • Detangling Conditioner: Simplifies the detangling process, strengthens hair, minimizes breakage, and ensures smooth, manageable locks.

Founder Ellen Rucker said, "Launching our line within Walmart's beauty aisles is a dream come true. It's an incredible opportunity to reach more individuals seeking high-quality, natural hair care products and to further our mission of promoting natural beauty through the efficacy of root-derived ingredients."

Founder Ione Rucker said, "This launch signifies our budding partnership with Walmart and our mutual belief in the importance of natural ingredients for transformative hair care. We're thrilled for customers to discover our products, making it easier than ever to integrate natural hair care into their routines."

CurlDaze GroDAZE Collection

CurlDaze has unveiled the GroDAZE Collection, a range tailored for curly, coily, and wavy hair enthusiasts exclusively at Walmart. The collection is said to redefine scalp and hair health.

GroDAZE features fenugreek, a leafy green herb with protein, plant compounds and nicotinic acid to address hair loss and invigorate hair growth. Fenugreek seeds are acclaimed for their moisture-locking properties, breathing life, luster and sheen into every strand.

CurlDaze has unveiled the GroDAZE Collection.CurlDaze has unveiled the GroDAZE Collection.

Castor oil has essential fatty acids, stimulates hair follicles, thickens the hair and battles breakage. Simultaneously, caffeine's properties ensure your hair is not only beautiful but vibrantly healthy.

The GroDAZE Collection includes:

  • GroDAZE Hair & Scalp Oil Booster: Stimulating caffeine with nourishing fenugreek seed and castor oil for hair growth and scalp soothing.
  • GroDAZE Hold It Creme: Main Features: A creamy formula for thinning, hard-to-grow edges, nourishes and restores.
  • GroDAZE Daily Shine & Repair Spray: Super shine boosting and reparative spray for frizz control and brilliance. Nutrient-rich shine spray to promote longer, stronger, thicker hair.
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