6 Beauty Trends of 2020

Mask-friendly beauty is one of the top 6 trends
Mask-friendly beauty is one of the top 6 trends

Cosmoprof Asia released its CosmoTrends report curated by global beauty trend forecasting agency Beautystreams that highlighted the top six beauty trends of 2020. 

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The six beauty trends are: 

  • Self-care tech
  • Local treasures
  • Hyper-hygienic 
  • Seal of science
  • Nature's potions
  • Mask-friendly beauty

1. Self-care Tech

Lockdowns have amplified DIY beauty as consumers are staying home. As a result, beauty treatments enhanced by augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies are becoming more common. 

2. Local Treasures

Consumers prefer products and ingredients that are unique to specific regions and have certifications attesting to their authenticity, while supporting local economies.

3. Hyper-Hygienic

Brands are offering self-cleaning packaging and multi-tasking products including gels, mists, lotions and nail polish that nourish the skin while while guarding against germs. 

4. Seal of Science

Advancements in science have brought about the creation of novel skin care and cosmetic products with enhanced absorption, efficacy and safety.

5. Nature's Potions

Natural ingredients are satisfying the demand for environmentally-friendly, plant-based formulas that protect health and boost immunity. 

6. Mask-Friendly Beauty

As consumers wear protective masks daily during the pandemic, transfer-resistant color cosmetics and specially formulated skin care products that address mask irritation are being developed. 

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