Walmart Wants to Reduce Its Chemical Footprint by 10% by 2022


Walmart has announced plans to strengthen its sustainable chemistry policy for consumable products by reducing its chemical footprint for Walmart and Sam's Clubs U.S. stores by 10% by 2022. 

According to the company, products involved will include household cleaners, cosmetics and skincare items and infant products, among others. 

The chemicals in focus are defined by the Walmart Priority Chemicals List in its revised commitment. The updates to this commitment will expand upon the company's commitment "to promote transparency with clear ingredient labeling and to encourage informed substitutions with chemicals of concern by reformulating products customers use in their everyday lives, while maintaining the affordability they expect." 

Key updates to the Walmart sustainable chemistry commitment include: 

  • Transparency with new ingredient information on cleaning products' packaging 
  • Two new regulatory lists to better address fragrance allergens ingredients
  • Verification of the purity of ingredients 
  • The addition of two more third-party verification programs, Cradle to Cradle and EWG Verified programs, focusing on green chemistry and safer substitutions 

Zach Freeze, senior director of strategic initiatives for sustainability at Walmart, stated, “We know our customers are interested in what goes into products and how they are made. It’s important for them, and we are advocating for them by encouraging innovation and transparency into that process. Our strengthened commitment provides more clarity on our expectations for suppliers in working towards enhanced product formulations and setting concrete benchmarks to check progress along the way.”

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