Symrise to Produce Cosmetic and Fragrance Materials from Amazon

Symrise (Holzminden, Germany), which has expanded its presence in Brazil in recent years, has opened a new cosmetic and fragrance ingredient production facility in the Belém, Pará in the Brazilian Amazon. Look for an in-depth story in the July-August edition of GCI Magazine.

Housed adjacent to a Natura bar soap facility, the site will process local natural materials harvested from among the local biodiversity by local communities. Brazil recently eased regulations to allow companies to better leverage local biodiversity.

Symrise invested more than €5 million in the production plant on an area of 2,000-square-meters. The site will process local botanical materials using the company's SymTrap technology to yield oils and butters.

The Symrise site, housed in a local Ecoparque, is the latest expansion in sustainable beauty development in the area and integrates sustainability aspects along the entire value chain, from sourcing and production to the social and economic development of the region. More than 2,000 families in the region will benefit from the cultivation and harvest of natural raw materials. Symrise recently donated a medical boat to the local communities to improve access to health care.

“At this facility, we intend to bring the richness of the Amazon rain forest to the world’s beauty consumers," said Achim Daub, president of Symrise's Scent & Care division. "This is an important step to sustainably developing and producing ingredients for cosmetics and fragrances. We would like to thank the local communities, the city of Benevides, the State of Pará as well as our new partner Natura for the opportunity to make this vision in the Amazon region of Brazil a reality.

“Symrise appreciates how Natura works in the Ecoparque and thus contributes to regional social and economic improvement," said said Ricardo Omori, president of Scent & Care Latam at Symrise. "That is why we decided to partner with them on this project. We will learn what fundamental elements are needed for such co-operations and use the insights around the world to combine sustainability and economic success. Thus, we can offer our customers efficient services for profitable growth.”


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