Cosmewax Furthers Sustainability Commitment

Looking toward the rest of 2020, Cosmewax announces its continued commitment to sustainability.
Looking toward the rest of 2020, Cosmewax announces its continued commitment to sustainability.

Cosmewax implemented numerous sustainable development measures in 2019 and with the new year the company intends to further its commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

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Environmental sustainability

In 2019, Cosmewax implemented a plastic- and paper-reduction/recycling policy–significantly reducing the amount of waste generated compared to the previous year–and the company installed additional fixed/mobile recycling facilities.

Cosmewax also initiated energy saving measures including the installation of LED lighting at all sites.

The company’s cosmetic and hair removal products have also seen an increase in their recycled packaging content, as well as the recyclability of their containers. The use of FSC and PEFC certified packaging is particularly promoted, increasing the consumption of cardboard and paper from controlled plantations that respect the environment.

Regarding product formulations, Ecocert’s COSMOS certification guarantees Cosmewax complies with the necessary characteristics to obtain the European certification in natural, organic cosmetics.

Finally, Cosmewax doesn’t use raw materials derived from endangered species and is committed to using sustainable palm oil/palm kernel oil derivatives, as certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Social sustainability

Cosmewax is a member of Sedex, a globally recognized method that evaluates company’s activity in labor rights, health/safety, environment and business ethics.

The company ensures the working conditions/work environment are healthy and pleasant, taking care of the distribution of spaces, lighting, noise, temperature, ergonomics and cleanliness, as well as manages occupational risk prevention in an orderly manner.

Also, Cosmewax promotes sports and healthy eating among its workers.

Looking forward

In 2020, Cosmewax is committed to keep taking full advantage of the resources it has, taking special care of scarce resources, water, electricity, etc., to improve efficiency.

Non-renewable resources will be gradually replaced by renewable resources. Thus, Cosmewax is managing the installation of solar panels for self-consumption and the installation of charging points for electric cars.

Furthermore, in 2020, a pollution- and deforestation-reduction policy will be developed, and energy audits will be carried out in order to achieve greater efficiency and save energy.

Finally, regarding product development, Cosmewax will remain committed to ecodesign.

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