ICMAD and NSF International Partner Up

The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Association (ICMAD) is announced a new partnership with global public health organization NSF International. The partnership provides ICMAD members access to the recently launched NSF Cosmetics and Personal Care Program. In addition to GMP auditing, NSF provides a path forward for companies seeking to substantiate label claims or produce safer, greener or organic cosmetics and personal care products. The new program provides ICMAD members with auditing, training, product testing and certification services that enable them to demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety.

“As NSF International enters its 70th year and ICMAD celebrates its 40th anniversary, our two organizations have agreed to cooperate to extend NSF’s scientific and technical expertise in testing, quality management systems, regulatory compliance and training to ICMAD members,” said Pamela Busiek, president and CEO of ICMAD. “These services will assist our members in achieving access to new export markets in addition to keeping pace with consumer demands for safer cosmetics and personal care products.”

"Both ICMAD and NSF strive to provide cosmetic and personal care manufacturers the quality and safety tools they need to succeed. As consumers seek safer cosmetics and personal care products and retailers step up to meet this demand, NSF’s science-based and comprehensive approach to product quality will be a great value to ICMAD members seeking to go beyond compliance,” said Casey Coy, manager of the NSF Cosmetics and Personal Care Program.

To celebrate the new partnership, NSF is offering ICMAD members assistance with GMP compliance and discounts on GMP courses and training. Other services and support will also be made available to ICMAD members at discounted pricing

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