L’Oréal x Clue Explore Skin-Menstrual Connections

Clue is a period and ovulation tracker.
Clue is a period and ovulation tracker.

L’Oréal and Clue, a period tracking app, are partnering to gather data on the connections between skin health and the menstrual cycle. Clue has 12 million users in 190 countries.

Clue will work with L’Oréal’s Active Cosmetic Division to develop content about the menstrual cycle and skin health for Clue’s site, Helloclue.com.

“We are excited to enter this strategic partnership with Clue, a world leader in the femtech and digital health space," said Barbara Lavernos, deputy CEO, in charge of research, innovation and technology at L’Oréal. "At L’Oréal we have a strong belief that the innovation that we bring to enhance people’s beauty and well-being lies at the intersection of science and technology to meet consumers’ expectations and needs. Through this partnership, we want to pioneer scientific innovation. Our goal is to develop the best personalized skincare routines for consumers of all ages regarding skin health, beauty and wellness aspirations, taking into account their menstrual cycles from puberty to menopause."

“Our division is a close partner of leading clinical experts around the world," said Myriam CohenWelgryn, president active cosmetics division at L’Oréal. "We are thrilled to join forces with Clue and bring dermatologists, endocrinologists and gynecologists together to increase knowledge on skin issues linked to hormonal cycles, in order to better understand women’s needs and help them to have a healthier skin."

“We’re excited to partner with the largest beauty company in the world to advance what we know about the relationship between the menstrual cycle and the health of our skin,” said Clue co-CEO, Audrey Tsang. “Changes in skin is one of the most tracked categories within the Clue app alongside the period and menstrual symptoms, so we know that it’s super important for many in our community. With L’Oréal’s vast scientific skincare knowledge, we will be able to provide new and helpful information to both our Clue community and all consumers on how the cycle can affect the skin. Our mission is to empower people with cycles with the science, data, and technology needed to make informed choices about their bodies, with skin, our largest organ included.”



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