Amenities Couture: Missoni Creates Personal Care Amenities for Groupe GM Hotels

Italian fashion house Missoni has teamed up with Groupe GM, an international leader in the hospitality products sector, to launch a bold, colorful line of hotel amenities.

Reflecting Missoni’s unmistakable prints of zigzags, stripes and wave designs, the Missoni hotel line can be described as a kaleidoscope of colors. With top notes of tea leaves and milk, middle notes of jasmine petals and rose, as well as base notes of musk and woody iris, the new line is colorful, eccentric and chic, and in one word, psychedelic.

“Having made its mark on how people dress with its colorful aesthetic vision, Missoni is seeking to further its impact on the style in which people live through this new hotel line,” said Laurent Marchand, president of Groupe GM. “We are delighted they have chosen to partner with us as they continue to expand their horizons into the world of hospitality and leisure.”

The Missoni hotel line is composed of five opaque tubes featuring signature Missoni designs including bath shower gel, shampoo, hair and body gel, body lotion and conditioner. Soaps also feature in the hotel line, as well as hand cream and bath salts. Liquid soaps and hair and body gel will also be available in 300 ml Ecopump dispensers. The 100% recyclable Ecopump gives hotels a sustainable yet elegant way to pass on the unmistakable Missoni style to their guests, and is becoming increasingly popular with hotels concerned about their environmental impact.

In addition to the line, there will also be a special beauty set containing bath shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, soap and hand cream or bath salts in a jar. Finally, there will be an assortment of accessories available including shower cap, manicure set, dental set, etc. The packaging of the accessories is made from stone paper, a revolutionary eco-friendly paper-like material made from stone residue without any woods fibers or acid. They will also be packaged in biodegradable inner sachets. Small changes, such as these, make a significant impact when it comes to reducing the level of a hotel’s waste.

Groupe GM designs, produces and distributes cosmetics and accessories for the hospitality industry in over 70 countries across every continent. Drawing on an international network of dedicated agents, Groupe GM distributes a unique portfolio of over 30 brands. In addition to its own brands, Groupe GM signs exclusive worldwide licensing agreements with recognized international brands, including cosmetic, fashion, designs and spa brands.

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