David Pirrotta Builds Boutique 3PL Warehouse

David Pirrotta's boutique warehouse.
David Pirrotta's boutique warehouse.

David Pirrotta has announced his boutique 3PL (third-person logistics) warehouse for beauty in Los Angeles, California. 

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The warehouse includes powder-coated shelving, organized displays, air-conditioned space and it uses sustainable materials when possible. 

Pirrotta said, “Integrity has always been the cornerstone of my business endeavors and relationships, and while a 3PL is perhaps far less sexy than the products themselves, I’ve made it my goal to craft a five-star B to C journey for each and every product, so that the fruits of my clients’ labor are in the hands that they deserve."

“I’m selective about the brands I house, and the honor and compassion I share with them trickles down to customers who religiously purchase these products and rituals," said Pirrotta.

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