INOLEX Selling Property in Philadelphia, Seeking New Site

Inolex plans have a remaining presence the greater Philadelphia region.
Inolex plans have a remaining presence the greater Philadelphia region.

INOLEX has announced that it is listing the company’s 6.2-acre property, located in Philadelphia, for sale on the commercial real estate market.

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Inolex intends to maintain a presence in the greater Philadelphia region to continue to serve its customers and is evaluating options for new offices and laboratory space in the greater Philadelphia region. 

In 2019, Inolex set in motion the transition of its United States production platform to a new flagship manufacturing facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

David Plimpton, CEO and president of Inolex, said, “Establishing robust manufacturing capabilities in Charlotte was a generational move to anticipate and serve global demand. Likewise, the divestiture of the Philadelphia site is the next important step in our long-term growth plans that reflects our entrepreneurial, innovative spirit as a company.”

Plimpton added, "Since inception, Inolex has been a company that has adapted and evolved to remain relevant in the market. We now have an opportunity to deploy our deep technical expertise as both a designer and a manufacturer of ingredients with space, equipment, and means for innovation that will serve us and our customers for years to come."

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