Society Brands Acquires Primal Life Organics

The acquisition will build and expand its direct-to-consumer and retail-based business.
The acquisition will build and expand its direct-to-consumer and retail-based business.

Society Brands has acquired Ohio-based Primal Life Organics to continue to build and expand its direct-to-consumer and retail-based business while advocating "the clean beauty movement."

Founder and CEO Trina Felber will serve as brand president.

Trina Felber and her husband Josh Felber started Primal Life Organics to revolutionize the personal care industry by eliminating harmful toxins that pollute the body, paving the way for a cleaner, sustainable future. 

Tina Felber said, "As the visionary founder of Primal Life Organics, I am excited to pave an incredible future with Society Brands. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone and will undoubtedly propel my mission to new heights and our commitment to provide natural, organic, and sustainable products to enhance the well-being of individuals globally.  My commitment to formulating innovative products using only the highest quality, natural ingredients, and dedication to promoting a holistic approach to wellness has resonated with consumers and we want our customers to know that Society Brands is committed to maintaining standards of high-quality ingredients. Society Brands shares our values and commitment to promoting a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. I am confident that under their leadership, Primal Life Organics will continue to thrive and reach new audiences globally." 

Michael Sirpilla, co-founder and CEO at Society Brands, said, "Primal Life Organics is a great example of the kind of brands we want to partner with now, and in the future. They have built an incredible direct-to-consumer business and loyal customer following. Having Trina remain on board as brand president to help drive growth speaks to Society's mission to build a community and ecosystem of like-minded entrepreneurs that have the skill and energy to grow with their brand. We are excited about the future of Primal Life Organics."

Primal Life Organics adviser Daymond John, said,  "I am thrilled about Primal Life's acquisition, a significant milestone reflecting their commitment to natural wellness. I've been advising Trina and the company for three years now, and the future growth of Primal Life is something to look forward to as they continue to revolutionize the natural dental and skin care industry." 

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