Australia's Crop Natural Arrives in the US

Crop Junior
Crop Junior

Crop Natural, an Australian beauty brand with natural products ranging from skin care, cosmetics and children's products, has launched in the U.S. 

According to Crop, its products are on-trend, natural formulations with premium ingredients featuring 95 -100% naturally derived ingredients, 100% organic agricultural ingredients and no harmful additives, no chemical processing or synthetics.

The Crop Antioxidant Collection

  • Antioxidant Facial Toner, Facial Serum Eye Serum and Facial Cream
  • This collection aims to repair skin damage and promote collagen stimulation
  • Key ingredients include: camellia, rosehip, pomegranate, vitamin E and licorice root
  • Each product in the collection retails for $30 

 Treatment Masks 

  • Certified Organic Detoxifying Charcoal, Purifying Turmeric and Hydrating Aloe Vera
  • These masks were formulated to remove impurities and revitalize skin
  • Ingredients include: bentonite, macadamia oil, aloe vera, green tea extract, Kakadu plum, charcoal powder, chamomile, witch hazel, honeysuckle, cucumber, calendula extract, hibiscus flower extract, vitamin E, turmeric, orange peel oil and lime oil
  • Each mask retails for $30

Sheet Masks

  • Antioxidant, Brightening and Hydrating Sheet Masks
  • These tencil sheet masks are made in Korea
  • Ingredients include: sugar maple, honeysuckle, mulberry extract and rosemary
  • Each sheet mask retails for $7

Dry Oils 

  • Rosehip, argan, castor and macadamia
  • Crop states these oils can be used with foundation, for removing makeup, as a hair treatment and reducing stress marks and scars
  • Each retails for $30

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