Palmer's Coconut Oil Facial Care Range


What it is: Coconut Oil Facial Care Collection by Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula

Claims: The Coconut Oil Facial Care collection includes Cleansing Balm, Facial Moisturizer, Facial Scrub, Luminous Hydration Facial Oil and Hydrating Facial Mask. The Cleansing Balm maintains moisture while clearing the skin of leftover dirt or pollution off the surface. The Facial Moisturizer boosts hydration and revitalizes the complexion for healthier looking skin. The Facial Scrub lightly exfoliates the skin for a brighter and fresher look that maintains the skin’s moisture barrier. The Luminous Hydration Facial Oil uses a non-greasy formula to rehydrate the skin for a healthy glow. The Hydrating Facial Mask replenishes natural oils while locking in moisture to prevent rapid-recurring dryness.

Key ingredients: Extra virgin certified organic coconut oil, coconut sugar, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, coconut milk

Price: Cleansing Balm ($6.98), Facial Moisturizer( $8.98), Facial Scrub ($6.98), Luminous Hydration Facial Oil ($9.88) and Hydrating Facial Mask ($6.98)

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