Cold Pressed: Not Just for Juice Anymore


OZNaturals Skincare recently unveiled a new formulation method, called cold-processing, that eliminates heat and potentially irritating chemicals. OZNaturals is slowly working to manufacture its entire product line to cold-processed skincare.

Cold-processing takes place at room temperature without the need for added heat or other chemicals that can cause active ingredients to lose their potency and cause skin irritation. OZNaturals claims the process not only leads to less skin irritation, but also keeps active ingredients at a higher potency. The process also uses OZNaturals' Biopreserve Complex, a system that aids the skin’s natural processes, and allows the preservatives to be left out of formulations.

“My vision for OZNaturals was to create a skincare line which would surpass all traditional brands currently on the market, with completely clean, non-toxic, natural formulas which were also highly efficacious and affordable,” said Angela Irish, OZNaturals co-founder and president. “With our new cold-process formulations and our Biopreserve Complex, we achieve that vision and offer consumers the most natural and safe skincare that truly works for all types of skin.” 

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