Curology and the Skin Coaching Boom


Virtual skin coaching continues to be an area ripe for innovation and investment.

Curology has secured $4.2 million in funding from Sherpa Capital (known for investments in Munchery, Uber and Ipsy) and Forerunner Ventures (whose portfolio includes Warby Parker, Birchbox and Glossier).

Curology pairs customers with licensed dermatologists or nurse practitioners, who carry out assessments of photos of the customers' skin and then recommend a skin care regimen. Curology can then ship skin care products directly to customers. Customers have unlimited messaging access to their skin care consultant.

Curology is currently available in 40 states; customers can sign up at


"Prescription medications are highly effective for treating acne and wrinkles. But so many people can't spend the time required to visit a doctor's office and a pharmacy," said Dr. Lortscher. "So we built an end-to-end personalized experience that makes it simple to achieve clear, healthy and youthful skin."

New patients are paired online with a licensed dermatologist or nurse practitioner who evaluates photos of the patient's skin, prescribes a medication tailored for their skin type and becomes their long-term partner in achieving their skincare goals. Curology patients have their medications shipped to their door and have access to unlimited communication with their healthcare provider via a secure messaging platform.

Curology is also announcing $4.2 million in funding from Sherpa Capital, known for investments in Munchery, Uber and Ipsy, and from Forerunner Ventures, whose portfolio includes Warby Parker, Birchbox and Glossier. This first institutional round of funding will allow Curology to scale its medical team and continue investing in research and development of customized prescription skincare. Curology originally debuted in 2014 under the name PocketDerm and initially treated only acne. Its notable efficacy generated significant buzz on Reddit and other online communities, fueling growth of the patient base in excess of 30 percent month-over-month since launch.

"The response from patients has been amazing. I expect Curology to become the first great brand in prescription skincare," said Kirsten Green, founder of Forerunner.

"Curology navigates the complex healthcare system by seamlessly integrating technology, dermatology and pharmaceutical science," said Sherpa Capital co-founder Scott Stanford. "It's a remarkably effective approach to a very real problem."

Curology is currently available in 40 states and customers can sign up at

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