Formulations Aim to Provide Desired Feel; Aid Cell Regeneration

Clariant’s recently unveiled silicone-free concept is designed for customers seeking soft silky or velvety feel for their creams, gels or lotion formulations without the non-biodegradable use of silicone. Dedicated products cover rheology modifiers that are tack-free and have high shear stability; emuslifiers for non-greasy application and improved spreadability; and actives, including allantoin to soothe and protect irritated skin and aid in cell regeneration.

The company’s deco-cosmetics concept provides a wide range of raw material cosmetic formulation solutions to yield convenient, easier to use end results—including silicone emulsifiers and pigment dispersers; water-soluble preservatives for powder, liquid or water-based cosmetics; and moisturizing protecting agents. Both concept ranges claim to simplify customers’ ingredient choices during the formulation process.

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