Vegetable-derived Surfactants for Skin Care

The Lubrizol Corporation’s Noveon Consumer Specialties business announced three vegetable-derived surfactants. Chemccinate LSC-K Surfactant is naturally derived from vegetable oils, not preserved with formaldehyde donors and made without ethylene oxide. Chemccinate LSC surfactant acts as an anti-irritant when used as a secondary surfactant, and Chemccinate LSC can be used as a primary surfactant in sulfate-free formulations. Chembetaine ACB is a naturally derived, bio-based amphoteric surfactant that enables the creation of cleansing products that require a high vegetable content and no animal derivatives. Sulfochem CS-BZ is a vegetable-derived surfactant made without ethylene oxide, and it is not preserved with formaldehyde donors.

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