Twins Showcased in New Olay Before-and-After Skin Care Challenge

For years, Olay has helped women look and feel their best beautiful. Now, the P&G skin care brand is continuing its evolution and taking its purpose a step further by modernizing and re-establishing its beauty industry reputation as one of the world’s undisputed authorities on skin health and cutting-edge science.

In the spirit of never settling to achieve your most beautiful skin, Olay enlisted genetically identical twins, each showing signs of facial fine lines and wrinkles or discoloration, to help answer the age-old debate: is beautiful skin genetic, or is there more to it? Since identical twins have 100% of their genes in common they should, in theory, age exactly the same way. Studying them sheds light on the relative importance of genetics and the environment in shaping certain characteristics, like skin appearance, untangling the two.

To demonstrate we have more control than you may think over our genetic destiny, Olay invited 21 sets of identical female twins aged 20 to 53 with varying skin types and tones to put the claims of ProX by Olay Intensive Wrinkle Protocol and Tone Correcting Protocol to the test in an eight-week facial tone and anti-aging study. One twin in each pair used three ProX by Olay products daily, and the other continued using her existing skin care routine. To evaluate product performance, high-resolution digital images of each twin pair were captured before, during and after the trial to track changes in skin at the microscopic level.

After eight weeks, tone image analysis showed women from the treatment group using the Tone Correcting Protocol regimen had a reduction in visibility of dark spots and uneven tone versus their control twin. Similarly, wrinkle image analysis showed that seven of the 10 women from the treatment group using the Intensive Wrinkle Protocol regimen had a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles versus their control twin.

Subject and sibling questionnaires post-trial also revealed that 100% of twins using ProX by Olay said they saw improvement to her skin tone or felt they looked younger, while 100% of siblings said they agreed their twin’s skin was improved and were eager to begin using the regimens themselves.

“Olay has always been committed to empowering women to unapologetically put their best face forward, the best possible version of themselves every day and never settle for anything less. The breakthrough ProX by Olay twins study is a perfect example of this sentiment in action, showcasing visible proof of women’s results and simultaneously giving their twin sisters a reflection of their own skin’s potential,” said Joe Arcuri, vice president, North America beauty care for Procter & Gamble.

The centerpiece of the 360° marketing campaign is an online experience at that hosts behind-the-study video, before-and-after photos, twin pair testimonials, product regimen information and more. The campaign also includes social, public relations, media and print advertising efforts.

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