A Continuing Climb for At-Home Beauty Devices

In a post titled “New Products + Consumer Education: The Keys to Success for At-home Beauty Device Market in 2014,” Kline Blogs looked into the building growth of at-home beauty devices, highlighting the category hot spots and standout products, as well as what skin care concerns consumers are eager to address with this type of product.

According to the post, “Building on a solid foundation, the at-home beauty devices market continues to gain prominence globally. Marketers continue to lure consumers this year with improved technologies on existing products, new entries altogether, and high-priced anti-aging devices that utilize laser technology. “To date, cleansing seems to be the sweet spot for beauty marketers as Estée Lauder’s Clinique enters the fray with its Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush priced at $89.50.The well-known skin care brand promotes its new device with its well-known existing skin care regimen. Market leader Clarisonic continues its global expansion, aggressively promotes its line in the United States and introduces its Smart Profile Face Brush. The face brush is based on a radio-frequency identification communication chip that allows it to automatically adjust speed, frequency, and cleansing time for specific areas of the face.”

The blog post also points to one of its recently published consumer insights reports, which was conducted in six key markets. It shares, “…the penetration of the at-home beauty devices market is the highest in China, followed closely by the United States. Almost 83% of the respondents surveyed indicate that the most important factors that contribute to the overall credibility of a device are: clinical trials, a brands reputation and FDA approval. Additionally, the vast majority of consumers who do not use devices said that they did not know about them. This signals the need for greater awareness and education among brand stewards in order to build sales.

“With almost two-thirds of respondents from our survey saying they have anti-aging skin care concerns, it will be exciting to see how two new product introductions from this year, Illuminage Beauty’s Skin Smoothing Laser and Tria Beauty’s Age-Defying Laser device, both priced at upwards of $450 each perform.

“Another notable event will be the re-entry of an FDA-[approved] NuSkin Galvanic Spa, which treats anti-aging signs using microcurrent technology. Speaking of microcurrents, NuFace launches a mini/travel size version of its Trinity Facial Trainer, an FDA-cleared device for consumers on-the-go. The product retails for $199, markedly less than its standard Trinity, which retails for $325.”

The post wraps up saying, “Continuous innovation and new technology are vital for the at-home beauty devices businesses to remain competitive and attract more skin care devices users. This year’s Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report provides timely insights and reliable data on the dynamic market for at-home beauty devices.”

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