NuGene Acquires SkinGuardian

NuGene International (Irvine, California) subsidiary corporation NuGene BioPharma has acquired SkinGuardian, "an FDA-approved (monographed) skin protectant, antiseptic, and moisturizing topical cream."

The acquisition includes all SkinGuardian intellectual property, including technology and applications.

The move boosts NuGene BioPharma's activities in stem cell tech beyond hair caire and cosmeceutical applications to would healing and treatment of skin conditions.

The SkinGuardian acquisition gives the company access to an antimicrobial composition that can be used against bacteria, fungi, prions and viruses to guard damaged and undamaged skin alike. The technology is also effective against infections from viruses.

“We see this FDA-approved topical cream as the foundation for a variety of topical treatments we will be developing that incorporate the use of stem cells to enhance healing,” said NuGene International’s CEO Ali Kharazmi. “This is a prime example of the type of synergistic acquisitions we intend to make that will expand our range of opportunities while significantly reducing our time to market.”

SkinGuardian founder and owner, Chris O’Brien, will "provide ongoing consultation to NuGene International, Inc.,  according to an official press release.


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