New Ingredients Target Skin Care

Silab launched p-Refinyl, a multi-action active ingredient that is claimed to attenuate the appearance of dilated pores through a three-pronged process: reduction of sebum secretion, restoration of normal keratinization processes and limitation of pore wall slackening. The product was reportedly tested on Caucasian and Asian skin with successful results. Also, the company unveiled its BIO line of formulated skin products. The line includes: Osilift, a branched natural polyoses derived from organic oats; Structurine, designed for regenerative and hydrating skin products; Vitanol, which stimulates collagen synthesis and limits MMP-1 activity; Sensiline, which limits irritant agent penetration; Coheliss, formulated to boost cell function; and Desoxine, which provides recovery of gluthathione, an essential molecule in skin’s natural protective structure.

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