[video] SK-II Launches SK-II Studio

SK-II Studio is said to bring about positive changes in the world.
SK-II Studio is said to bring about positive changes in the world.

Skin care brand SK-II has launched SKI-II Studio, in which video creators, animators, musicians and content creators will produce films to bring about positive changes for women in the world, according to Procter & Gamble Prestige LLC.

The content will reportedly encourage conversations and discussions on social issues. There will be eight installments throughout the year.

The first film will be "The Center Lane," by director Hirokazu Kore-eda. Per the company (translated from the original PR), "This work expresses that fate is not just a coincidence, but something that can be pioneered by one's own choice ... "

SKI-II will also be preparing #CHANGEDESTINY funds to support women-centric organizations via donations for every SK-II Studio video playback.

Global SK-II CEO Sandeep Seth said: “SK-II aims to be a human brand. We believe that each story has the power to influence culture, overcome prejudices and stereotypes, and make positive changes. Our wish is to help millions of women face the daily pressures and take a step towards changing their destiny, #CHANGEDESTINY. Their destiny depends on the pressure. Don't be, and we're experiencing an unprecedented era."

Seth continued, "Customers expect companies and brands to do more than just skin and beauty. There is a need for brands and companies that take the initiative in addressing the social issues they face and take action to resolve them. Selling products, creating advertisements, and developing promotions. rather, want to connect with your heart more than anything. So, we are the SK-II Studio launch. SK-II Studio in, #CHANGEDESTINY has given the belief of the impact on women around the world society We will work to resolve issues and help women change their destiny. "

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