Mirador Unveils Anti-Aging Skin Care Brand

Le Mont Charmant's anti-aging skin care line.
Le Mont Charmant's anti-aging skin care line.
Mirador (Guangzhou) Health Techn

Mirador, the Chinese subsidiary of the Mirador Group, has announced it will unveil its anti-aging skin care brand, Le Mont Charmant, at the 2021 China Beauty Expo (CBE).

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Le Mont Charmant's products include:

  • Ultra Regenetic Stereoscopic Repair Lyophilized Powder Essence: said to target wrinkles and improves skin elasticity

  • Ultra Regenetic Repair Kit: includes a reparative powder essence and a purifying facial cream said to to fight signs of aging and prevent collagen degeneration.

Le Mont Charmant was created by the Mirador Health Centre in Switzerland, an anti-aging clinic of the Mirador Group.

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