Thai Men's Market Set to Boom Next for Beauty in Asia

In “Educating Thai Men on Skin Care is Key to Growth,” a video from Euromonitor International, senior research analyst Warangkana Anuwong explains how the men’s skin care market in Thailand continues to grow.

“The Asian men’s skin care market is the largest in the world, accounting for nearly 60% of total global sales in 2012,” Anuwong notes. “Among these, South Korea is the largest market, but there are many other emerging countries, such as China, India, Indonesia and Thailand. Especially in Thailand, the market has seen growth that is double-digit year-on-year, and men’s skin care per capita is expected to overtake Hong Kong in 2017. There are several players in the [Thai men’s care] market, [and they are] both international and local players, such as Beiersdorf, L’Oréal [and] Bio Consumer. Also, during the last two to three years, there [is a greater] number of premium brands, as well as direct-selling brands, entering into the market…”

Anuwong explains that, although Thai men are increasingly considered personal care products to help maintain their appearance, many remain uneducated about theme and are still using either women’s or unisex products. “We have seen [a greater] number of male bloggers in the country. These male bloggers actually teach men how to use skin care products,” says Anuwong. “Also recently, male bloggers started teaching men how to use color cosmetics for special occasions, as well as daily life. Therefore, we expect that there will be more color cosmetics for men [entering] into the market of Thailand in the future. [This has been seen] as a trend for South Korea, where South Korean men have already started using BB creams and CC creams for men.”

Anuwong notes that these educated Thai men will drive the men’s skin care market to continued double digit growth into 2014, saying, “[Thailand’s] men-specific products are expected to encourage men to be more open [and] to use more skin care products, as well as to [encourage] more color cosmetics for men in the future.”

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