Cornelius Commits to Ethical Sourcing


Specialty ingredients supplier and manufacturer Cornelius has placed a number of initiatives to ensure its ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Vegetable and fish oil supplier Olvea, which Cornelius distributes in the United Kingdom, is a member of the non-profit Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), which advocates ‘sourcing with respect’ and promotes innovation and sourcing which support people and biodiversity. Membership reflects a commitment to sourcing practices that promote conservation.

“Olvea’s membership of UEBT is fantastic as it shows its deep-seated dedication to responsible sourcing and giving back to the community,” said Cornelius business manager Kelly Shenton. “The company’s Shea supply chain, for example, produces zero carbon emissions, involves 12 farmers’ organizations and 18,052 female producers and represents 100% added value to the community in Burkina Faso.”

The oil supplier also operates a charity, Marocavie, at its Morocco production facility. Marocavie is “dedicated to maintaining full transparency and accountability and supporting economic, social and environmental projects” throughout Southwestern Morocco, where the company sources its argan oil. For every kilo of Moroccan argan oil sold, a percentage is paid directly back to Marocavie.

Additionally, Cornelius principal Ronald Britton has produced a range of biodegradable glitter. Created from sustainable sources such as eucalyptus trees, the line is certified compostable and does not contain genetically modified materials.

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