Neova Aims to Balance Troubled Skin with New Product Range


Neova SmartSkinCare has launched its Balancing Control range for consumers suffering from troubled skin. 

According to Neova, the line was created to combat troubled, oil-prone and blemished skin. Products include a cleanser and balancing serum which return skin to a clear state without drying or irritating. 

Purifying Cleanser Balancing Control Wash works to unclog pores, control oil and exfoliate the skin with AHA and salicylic acid. Key ingredients include tea tree oil, sage, thyme and eucalyptus. The cleanser retails for $85 for 1 fl. oz.

Retinol Rapid Tx Balancing Serum contains concentrated levels of stabilized retinol and DNA-repair enzymes to improve skin clarity for hormonally-induced troubled and photodamaged skin. The serum retails for $85 for 1 fl. oz.

In addition to the Balancing Control range, Neova has launched several other ranges, including DNA Damage Control Sunscreens, DNA Damage Control After Sun Body Repair,  the Primary Photoaging range, the Progressive Photoaging range and the Sensitive Relief line.

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