Portrait AI Face Journal is Now SelfE Face Analysis


BeautyTech has re-christened its Portrait AI Face Journal with a new moniker—the technology will now be known as SelfE Face Analysis.

The app offers facial aging analysis, using selfies to provide instant feedback on sun damage, skin firmness, facial volume, symmetry and age markers.

SelfE Face Analysis uses artificial intelligence to analyze the user’s face and provide instant clinical insights from cosmetic physician Sheena Kong, MD. If sun damage is detected, the app offers a customized blend of recommendations—such as a reminder to use proper sunscreen—along with long-term strategies such as skin care tips and professional laser treatments.

The app has been trained via thousands of images analyzed for the signs of sun damage and other aging factors; uploaded selfies are evaluated instantly over a million data points to yield a visual overlay, highlighting areas of relevance to sun exposure and aging. Users can also utilize a journal feature to monitor changes over time.

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