Symbiome: Science-Based Skin Care Launch

The whole collection contains 18 ingredients.
The whole collection contains 18 ingredients.

Symbiome announced it has launched with seven skin care products that are said to "naturally replenish the essential biomolecules that are missing from modern day skin to restore health and resilience."

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According to the brand, the products are formulated using "supercharged ingredients" sourced from the Amazon. The whole collection contains 18 ingredients.

Symbiome has developed two proprietary formulation methods: Postbiomic Fermentation and BioIntact Emulsion. 

The Postbiomic Fermentation is a "special blend of ancestral, native microbes used to unlock and optimize the bioavailability of valuable postbiotic nutrients and enzymes in the oils, increase absorption into the skin and ensure shelf stability."

The BioIntact Emulsion features a cold process used to create a supercharged cream with only three ingredients. The brand claims, "By completely eliminating heat, this process does not degrade the active compounds and has a lower carbon footprint than conventional methods. The use of a special blend of Lactobacilli delivers a host of nutrients, exosomes, enzymes and peptides, allowing the cream to be naturally self-stabilizing and self-preserving."

Products in the collection include:

  • The Renewal Daily Cleanser
  • The Reset Clarifying Cleanser
  • The One Restorative Cream
  • Postbiomic Oils: four oils formulated for a variety of skin types

Larry Weiss, founder and chief scientific and product officer, said: “Our advances in the science of the microbiome means that the intricate connections with the natural world that once were the source of our resilience and health can be restored. Symbiome is the first skincare brand to build a blueprint of ancestral health and formulate a collection of products empowered by intact biological ingredients from the rainforest."

Vicki Levine, chief executive officer, said: “Today’s skin care customer is looking for a minimal-yet-effective regimen that has the rigorous scientific research to drive performance while offering a luxurious experience. We are excited to be entering the market with a truly differentiated product line that has health and simplicity at its core."

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