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ADF & PCD Goes Green with Eco Tours, Sustainable Packaging Solutions

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  • Iggesund Paperboard
    Iggesund Paperboard recently won the Global 100 award as company No. 21 in the world in terms of sustainability. Their philosophy: From tree seed to finished product we take a holistic approach! Their mission to run as green a business as possible. Create paperboard using water, wood and energy, the process their mills have only a minimal impact on the local environment.
  • Corpack
    Corpack introduced Sughera, an innovative combination of a rubber-blend mixed with ground pieces of natural cork. Micro-agglomerated natural cork is injection molded and formed without using glue. This new material uses less petroleum-based materials, is 100% recyclable, has a natural look with a soft-touch surface and the general cork characteristic. The tour also got a glimpse of a prototype, still in development, for a cosmetic compact developed from recycled paper.
  • APS
    APS featured their miniMist spray dispensing system. This proprietary platform is a non-aerosol, propellant-free dispensing system that delivers long-lasting and high quality, mist-like spray. The system offers no propellants, reduced carbon footprint, improved recyclability/use of PCR and refillability.
    Quadpack exhibited their soon to be released collection of responsibility sourced YouWood range. Components featured caps and cosmetic compacts crafted from PEFC- and FSC-certified wood, with a raw finish to heighten its sensory appeal. The decoration of the wood surfaces can be customized by stain, lacquer polish or treated with a host of decoration techniques to create something truly different and unique.
  • SGB Packaging Group Inc.
    SGB Packaging Group specializes in packaging for the mid to luxury markets. As part of the Eco-Tour, SGB showcased a variety of wood components such as fragrance caps, droppers, and jars. Specifically, when wood is cut into unique shapes with various finishes and textures. With the correct decoration and design, wood is a medium that can achieve a premium feel. SGB also showcased ways to incorporate responsible plastics and materials in cosmetic bottles, jars, and sampling.
  • New High Glass
    New High Glass allies in Europe use sugarcane to produce ethanol which is later used to produce plastic. The benefit of using sugarcane vs oil is that sugarcane absorbs carbon dioxide in the development process and releases it back into the atmosphere as oxygen through photosynthesis thus supporting sustainability. In contrast, when using oil to develop classic plastic packaging the only thing that oil produces back into the atmosphere is carbon dioxide. With the same "Green" view, New High Glass' partners in Europe, launched recycled glass products that use 60 - 90% recycled glass. The color of the recycled glass will be a green tone which will marry perfectly to the current clean, green lifestyle and trend in the beauty industry

New to ADF & PCD New York 2018 were the Eco Tours led by Cherie Buziak, owner of the consulting company BeautyEdge LLC, product development specialist, industry event influencer and industry event guide. The tours offered specific eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions and services available to brands and manufacturers.

The attendees were guided to visit six different vendors who highlighted their latest sustainable packaging concepts, packaging visions and innovations. In addition to specialized visitor attention, the guided tours gave attendees a behind-the-scenes look at sustainable packaging prototypes expected to release in the next six months to one year. At the end of the tour, guests were invited to review their learnings, relax and enjoy a complimentary refreshing beverage and pastry in the ICON lounge.

The above slideshow features the vendors visited and highlights of their sustainable technology and processes.

An Overview of ADF & PCD New York 2018

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Attendees at this year's event spent two jam-packed days learning and interacting with the latest packaging innovations and solutions as well as networking with industry professionals. 

The Innovation Awards were held to honor "companies that are pushing boundaries in terms of innovation."

Innovation Award Winners included:

  • Dove/Unilever—Personal Care;
  • Montebello—Industrial and Technical Application;
  • Olika—Skin Care;
  • Estée Lauder—Makeup;
  • L'Oréal—Hair Care;
  • Tiffany & Co.—Fragrance; and
  • Tula—Indie Beauty.

Additionally, this year's event consisted of several conferences, educational programs and networking sessions, including:

  • The Pentaward Conference focused on the latest trends and cross-industry developments, while also learning how to get inspiration from and target new markets. Participating brands included Pearlfisher, forceMAJEURE, PepsiCo and Heineken, among others. 
  • The ICON Party gave decision makers from perfume and cosmetic brands the opportunity to network, share knowledge and gave indie brands the chance to address the needs of smaller quantity buyers.
  • The event's two-day educational program concentrated on sustainability, with a focus on how to become more sustainable and the difficulties that accompany it.