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Henkel's Nature Box Brand Uses Social Plastic

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All bottles of Nature Box are made of 98% Social Plastic

Henkel's hair and body care brand Nature Box is the first beauty brand to introduce social plastic as a packaging material for its complete bottle portfolio. 

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Social plastic, which originates from Henkel's partnership with Plastic Bank, is recycled plastic that has been collected in countries without functioning recycling infrastructures by people living in poverty before it enters the oceans or waterways.

All bottles of Nature Box are made of 98% social plastic. Henkel is working to replace the remaining 2% virgin plastic. The company is currently testing a color carrier consisting of social plastic. 

Henkel is working to reduce the amount of virgin plastic from fossil sources in its consumer product packaging by 50% by 2025. The company will increase the proportion of recycled plastics to more than 30% by 2025, reduce the absolute plastic volume and increase the use of biobased plastics. The goal is that 100% of Henkel's packaging with be recyclable or reusable.

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