RPC Bramlage's XL5 Airless Pump for Spa, Personal and Hair Care

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RPC Bramlage has announced the launch of its new XL5 airless pump. 

The Details 

  • The XL5 pump fits the 500ml AirFree Vinci bottle and can adapt to larger sizes of bottles up to 1000ml;
  • The pump delivers a 5ml dosage each time;
  • The pump's AirFree technology aims to evacuate 90% of the product;
  • The XL5’s dispensing system features an ergonomically-designed actuator and a large cylindrical bottle;
  • The XL5 was designed to work well with high viscosity formulas, including hair and body treatments; and
  • The metal-free pathway eliminates potential oxidation of the cream. 

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