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Consumer Interest in CBD Beauty Grew 279% in 2019

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As the legalization of both CBD and THC becomes more widespread, consumer interest in all things cannabis is reaching an all-time high. 

According to a report from Social Standards, consumer interest in the beauty market (color cosmetics, facial skin care and nails) regarding CBD grew by 279% YoY in 2019. In addition, the beauty market saw more than a 70% increase in interest surrounding THC in beauty products. 

When it came to the personal care market (bath and body, hair care and topical products) consumer interest in CBD grew by more than 197%. 

Core Traits

Social Standards stated that healing, anxiety, pain and wellness are the top traits that consistently arose alongside CBD. 


  • Wellness was mentioned in 16.2% of consumer conversations
  • Healing was mentioned in 13.5%% of consumer conversations
  • Pain was mentioned in 10.5% of consumer conversations
  • Anxiety was mentioned in 6.1% of consumer conversations

Personal Care

  • Healing was mentioned in 23.6% of consumer conversations
  • Pain was mentioned in 22% of consumer conversations
  • Wellness was mentioned in 15.1% of consumer conversations
  • Anxiety was mentioned in 10% of consumer conversations

Consumer Demographics


  • Relative to the average social topic, conversations about CBD skew male, Gen X or millennial, and white.

Personal Care

  • Relative to other personal care conversations on social media, CBD conversations skew male, white, older (45-54), and middle income ($30,000-$74,000).

For the full report, please visit www.socialstandards.com.