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See, Scan, Wear: Modiface's Live Scan

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ModiFace's new scanning technology can transfer a look from a face, a photo or a video to a user's live video.

ModiFace, which can already virtually assess your skin tone, has introduced its Live Scan technology, which allows users to take a 3D scan of any face or photo and convert it into a look that can be applied directly to their live video. In essence, machines can now distinguish makeup from skin.


Technology has been hitting its stride, allowing for increasingly sophisticated virtual makeovers and in-app purchases. Now, the Live Scan technology identifies makeup colors and styles and converts them into virtually transferable looks.

"Live Scan enables users to try on any look they see in real-life, in a magazine, or even on TV," the company noted in an official announcement. No look is too difficult: multicolored eye shadows and eyeliners, textured lipsticks and complex colorings are no problem.

ModiFace used machine learning to extract makeup looks from more than 100,000 user photos, creating the "ultimate search engine for makeup exploration," according to the company.

The company claims that Live Scan "finds the actual texture and style of the makeup in a photo and analyzes it for rendering on the user's own face." The makeup look is then charted frame by frame.

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