Douglas Details Global Sustainability Efforts

Douglas is working to reduce waste in its own operations and become climate neutral by 2025 through a series of efforts detailed in its ESG report.
Douglas is working to reduce waste in its own operations and become climate neutral by 2025 through a series of efforts detailed in its ESG report.

Douglas has published a sustainability report that details the sustainable and eco-conscious efforts made by the company and future goals toward becoming climate neutral. The report also details the company’s achievements in diversity and equity and clean formulations.

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Douglas aims to become climate neutral in its own business operations by the end of 2025 by increasing the proportion of recycled materials used and reducing the amount of waste generated by the company through a waste system organized by material and type of disposal.

Douglas is also setting up recycling systems in developing countries as part of its global sustainability goals and overarching strategy. The systems will combat plastic waste in the oceans and poverty in those affected regions. For every item sold under Douglas’ Home Spa and Essential brands, the company will make a donation to the Plastic Bank.

More than 40% of the products launched by Douglas in the 2021-2022 financial year are considered clean beauty and more than 90% of its launched products were vegan. The company plans to increase its range of sustainable beauty products, with a goal of more than half its products being made from recycled materials by 2030. All Douglas products launched since 2020 are free of microplastics.

To promote equity and diversity, Douglas has introduced processes and systems in compliance, anti-corruption, transparency and data protection, and the company has received full BeyondGenderAgenda certification, the first company to be fully certified by BGA. Women hold more than half of the management positions at Douglas. At the company headquarters, Douglas offers a dual course to combine a 3.5-year bachelor's degree with a practical component in various areas.

The entire Douglas ESG Report is available on its website.

Tina Müller, CEO of the Douglas Group, said, "As Europe's leading provider of premium beauty, we are aware of our great ecological and social responsibility. At the same time, the expectations of our customers have risen significantly: sustainability aspects are among the decisive purchasing criteria alongside quality and price. It is therefore our aim to play a leading role in sustainability issues in the beauty industry. Sustainable thinking and acting must be among the top priorities in our own activities as well as in cooperation with suppliers and business partners.”

Müller continued, “We open all eyes to the beauty of uniqueness, bring it to life and make life itself more beautiful," is the internal motto. "We do not distinguish between skin color, origin, sexual orientation or personal pronouns. Douglas sees itself as a democratic and inclusive brand that stands for an open and diverse society. As an employer, Douglas practices equal treatment, tolerance and equal opportunities at all levels of the workforce.”

Susanne Cornelius, CEO of Douglas Brands, said, “We are proud of these indicators. At the same time, we will not let up in further improving the environmental compatibility of our own brands. This relates to all aspects of the product: manufacturing, ingredients, packaging materials and disposal. Only with a holistic view and approach can one really speak of sustainability. This also includes the fact that DOUGLAS Brands has entered into a partnership with Plastic Bank.” 

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