Rexam Grows in Latin America with Pavisa Acquisition

Rexam announced the purchase of the remaining 50% interest of a joint venture with plastic packaging manufacturer Pavisa Industries, based in Mexico City. Under the new agreement, Rexam will have full ownership of Pavisa’s plastic packaging and extrusion blow-molded manufacturing plant in Tlalnepantla, Mexico. The facility produces plastic containers and closures for the personal care and cosmetic industries, as well as the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and health care markets.

According to sources at Rexam, the plant is among the investments the company is making toward its growth in the Mexican market, as well as other Latin American markets. “We are confident that a stronger foothold in the growing Latin American region will enable us to provide unique product and service opportunities that take us a step further in becoming the best consumer packaging company in the world,” said Graham Chipchase, group director, Rexam Plastic Packaging.

Matis Paris Launches in Argentina

French brand Matis Paris, through Argentine distributor Sirap, made its Argentine debut in March. “The products are available in eight points of sale, and we are already in negotiations to launch in luxury hotels,” Esther Castrogiovanni, director of Sirap, told GCI magazine. Approximately 40 products from Matis Paris’ six lines are available in Argentina—including Lalique perfumes. The Jaguar fragrance line will be launched to the local market in June.

Chilean; Indian Companies Agree on Bioactive Development India-based Avesthagen has formed a strategic alliance with Chilean biotechnology firm Uxmal, a venture supported by the Chilean government. The initiative seeks to promote the research and development of bioactives for commercial use in cosmetics, health care and functional foods. The research, according to reports, will focus on bioactives and tissue culture derived from medicinal plants native to Latin America. “This is a positive step toward collaboration between India and Chile, and this alliance will definitely benefit both nations,” said Chilean president Michelle Bachelet. Avesthagen also announced its plan to set up a new enterprise, Avesthagen LatAm, near Santiago, Chile, with the goal of expanding its presence in Latin America.

Playboy Fragrance Line Launched in Latin America

Coty introduced the Playboy fragrance line for men during an April event for beauty editors held in Buenos Aires. The line has been available in Peru since December 2008, and—in addition to Argentina—will be available in Chile and Uruguay.

After the announcement by Favio Palazzi, Playboy’s general manager for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, trapeze artists offered an outstanding performance, and salon games were available for the visitors—all designed to reinforce the concept of Playboy as a brand with a message of enjoyment and entertainment. The company also took the opportunity to present a fashion show to promote its new women’s undergarment line.

New Director for L’Oréal Argentina

In March, Germán Herrera was named the general director of L’Oréal Argentina. During the past 10 years, Herrera held the same title at L’Oréal subsidiaries in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile. “In all his branches, Herrera has achieved success by opening new business opportunities for L’Oréal brands,” sources from the company said. The Mexican-born executive holds a degree in business administration from the Iberoamericana University.

Yerba Mate Key to Company’s Expansion Plans

Argentine company Fabiola Pittana is looking to expand to additional Latin American markets, notably Brazil and Peru, as well as globally. The company’s star product is the Mision es… fragrance, based on yerba mate—an ingredient commonly used in the region to prepare a traditional, tea like infusion called mate.

Toward its global expansion goals, the company will take part in Beyond Beauty Paris in 2009, where it will present exfoliating soaps based on yerba mate, cologne and a premium version of its traditional fragrance.

“Mision es… represents Misiones province [of Argentina], and that’s why the premium version of the fragrance will include a wooden packaging shaped like a treasure chest, regional semiprecious stones and a map that describes all the marvelous sites in Misiones,” Fabiola Pittana, director and namesake of the company, told GCI magazine.

Tierras del Volcán to Enter Colombia

Argentina-based Tierras del Volcán, which creates beauty products utilizing a mud of volcanic origins, is establishing a presence in Colombia—the next step in its Latin America expansion plans. The mud is sourced from the El Chillante volcano, situated in the Tunuyán province of Mendoza, Argentina. “The properties of this mud are [both our value proposition] and our introduction letter in the market,” Blanca Carrieres, general manager, told GCI magazine. The products are already sold in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Cristina Kroll is a business journalist specializing in the beauty sector and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has written for the main Argentine magazines related to the beauty business, and was a correspondent for French magazine Beauty Business News.

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