Jove Edmond x HUE for Every Man: Grooming’s Next Chapter

Jove Edmond is bringing his grooming expertise to HUE for Every Man.
Jove Edmond is bringing his grooming expertise to HUE for Every Man.

Jove Edmond (@Jove14 on Instagram) is not only a partner in and director of education and product development for male grooming brand HUE for Every Man, he also happens to be the personal barber to Michael B. Jordan (People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2020). Edmond, who has worked with hair for more than two decades, always loved experimenting with products and better understanding their impacts (acidity, dryness, etc.) on skin and hair. He’s also learned that what works for one person may not work for another.

As a barber, Edmond has focused on teaching male clients about products and their own grooming habits. As he notes, most men want the simplest solution for their grooming needs and aren’t prone to educating themselves or experimenting widely with products.

In addition, men too often rush their grooming. Common missteps might include failing to clean the face before shaving or even shaving with a dull blade. This is where the trusted expertise of a barber can be invaluable.

The grooming expert notes that he prefers natural products, particularly those that are less astringent, as well as ingredients like witch hazel and tea tree oil. Edmond argues that, in the age of cleaner eating and wellness, men are becoming more aware of the benefits of natural-based products.

Edmond has shared his acquired knowledge on social media and parlayed that expertise into his work with HUE, where he seeks to help assemble the best products with universal or multifunctional appeal to simplify the grooming process.

Forthcoming launches include an oil to replenish the skin post-shave, dissolvable shave strips as well as travel-friendly product formats. A signature line from the celebrity barber is forthcoming.

Edmond also spoke about the disruptions of the pandemic, including the challenges barbershops have faced amid capacity limitations. The difficulties may well lead to more mobile, premium and one-on-one grooming services, he said. 

The film business hasn’t been immune, either. Edmond, who has spent time on sets since the start of the pandemic notes that smaller crews, face shields, rigorous hand sanitizing and the discontinuation of group meals have changed the energy and communication around active shoots.

Still, cinema persists. Michael B. Jordan’s latest film “Without Remorse”—featuring some of Edmonds’ grooming handiwork—are now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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