Packaging for Beauty | Skin Care Ingredient Launches + Trends: July/August Insider Insights

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Global Cosmetic Industry recently spoke with beauty insiders to highlight skin care ingredient launches and trends, as well as trends and launches in the packaging for beauty space.

Packaging for Beauty Launches + Trends

Sustainability continues to be at the forefront of packaging for beauty launches.

Packaging for beauty continues to focus on sustainable practices.Packaging for beauty continues to focus on sustainable practices.Adobe Stock/Prostock-studio


Caroline Hughes, marketing manager, Albéa Tubes, says, "Sustainability has become an integral part of any new product development project. For tubes, this translates into different trends: the use of PE in caps to allow their recyclability, the integration of post-consumer recycled (PCR) both in sleeves and caps and, of course, the reduction of plastic use illustrated by the Ecotop solutions. We also see the rise of the inclusivity trend through universal design. This leads us to consider new aspects in the product development: the tactility with textured effects on the tubes, the sound via digital applications, the sight with eye catching effects and innovative decoration options. Finally, the design itself should be easy to open, close and hold for all consumers."

Aline Roland, marketing and communication director, Albéa Cosmetics & Fragrance, says, "In this global sustainability perspective to reduce waste and prolong product life, we notice a growing demand from brands for packaging solutions that are designed to last longer by being refillable or reusablelike cosmetic jars but also compacts and lipsticks. Today more than ever, packaging needs to combine sustainability, aesthetics, emotions and functionality while allowing differentiation and brand recognitiona huge challenge."

Hughes adds, "This year we have introduced a range of recycling-ready caps made in America such as the HDPE Basic & Classic caps and the Fez flip-top caps that enable the complete tube to be made with mono HDPE materials. We have also extended our range of low-profile caps for the North American market with the new PP Slight Cap available in combination with extruded tubes. Designed with a reduced height and a strong eco-look, this cap provides 17% weight reduction compared to a standard flip-top cap."

Albéa's HDPE Basic & Classic caps and Fez flip-top caps enable the tube to be made with mono HDPE materials.Albéa's HDPE Basic & Classic caps and Fez flip-top caps enable the tube to be made with mono HDPE materials.Courtesy of Albéa

Roland adds, "As a part of our North America Collection, we have presented our innovative and refillable jar, Twirl, that offers consumers a completely new gesture for an easy refill. We have also launched the Curl's Collection, a range of brushes designed to bring volume and care to lashes. The range includes diverse fiber types—including cotton—and integrates up to 60% PCR content."

Brian Techter, president, packaging, R.R. Donnelley, says, "Customer preferences and trending aesthetics in the beauty industry directly impact the packaging and labels of products. We’ve seen growing interest in 'quiet luxury' and 'sophisticated simplicity' that translates into packaging with clean, understated visuals as focus shifts towards brands emphasizing quality and functionality. However, per Mintel’s 2024 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends Report, consumers are not only looking for quality, but also personal care products that align with their values, including wellness and environmental consciousness. We’re increasingly seeing retailers consider reusability, refillability and recyclability for product packaging. Refillable packaging often requires more durable labels to withstand longer periods of repeated use. Durable labels can endure frequent exposure to water and humidity, or friction from constant use, and remain intact to inform consumers about ingredients and instructions. Apart from attracting and informing consumers, packaging also plays a vital role in protecting the product and ingredient integrity."

Techter continues, "RRD focuses on not only amplifying our abilities in the beauty space, but also innovatively supporting our clients. We recently worked with a global skin care, fragrance and cosmetics company to enhance its in-store experience with luxurious and elegant in-store displays and signage. Our team worked closely with the company to develop displays that are aesthetically pleasing and constructed without the use of clear poly filler, corrugated fluting, plastic tapes, or foam board to align with the company’s sustainability goals. This partnership was successfully executed thanks to RRD’s global network of experienced design, manufacturing and distribution experts."

Techter concludes, "In April, we also announced the expansion of our label capacity to enhance efficiency and support the e-commerce needs across industries, including the beauty space. This expansion comes in response to a booming e-commerce market which, according to Statista, is expected to grow 53% in the U.S. between 2024 and 2029, with expectations to surpass $1 trillion U.S. dollars. We’re seeing both big beauty retailers, as well as more niche beauty brands, have a growing e-commerce presence like never before. Virtual and physical shelves remain competitive, and folding carton packaging and labels can help brands stand out and bring their vision to life."

Pattern Packaging

Leslie Gurland, vice president of sales and marketing at Premium Label & Packaging Solutions, says, "The newly launched Vault Bronzer by Devoted Creations is a tanning oil that locks in color so tans last longer. The packaging mimics the appearance of an actual vault and was achieved with a combination of several printing techniques. The label is an excellent example of 2024’s pattern packaging trend, featuring a herringbone and repeat pyramid pattern to trick the eye into seeing a texture where none exists. Premium Label & Packaging Solutions (PLPS) accomplished the look of the shrink sleeve by strategically placing silver cold foil and black, white and silver ink."

Premium Label & Packaging Solutions created the shrink sleeve for the Vault Bronzer by Devoted Creations.Premium Label & Packaging Solutions created the shrink sleeve for the Vault Bronzer by Devoted Creations.Courtesy of Premium Label & Packaging Solutions


Techter says, "Another trend we’re seeing is the hyper-personalization of products. Brands are continuing to introduce options for customers to become involved in tailoring products for their individual needs, say through a custom hair care regimen or a specialized vitamin packet. With this trend comes a need for tailored packaging and labels, as many brands look to include customer details in their packaging to create another specialized touchpoint in hopes of instilling a lasting brand impression."

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Biological Aging

Kara Keene, marketing communications, DSM-Firmenich, says, "As the consumers’ focus shifts from anti-aging to well-aging, products that enhance [the] skin's cellular processes and reduce biological age are gaining prominence. 'Biological age' is becoming the new buzzword. While chronological aging is inevitable, biological aging can be slowed or even reversed by addressing root causes like stress, poor lifestyle and environmental aggressors. We can address this trend through senolytic science."

Keene adds, "Senolytics is a groundbreaking category of compounds that target senescent cells, often referred to as 'zombie cells,' to address the fundamental sources of skin aging. Senolytics work on cellular level, providing a universal solution for all skin types, ethnicity, gender and age, promoting smoothness, wrinkle reduction and enhanced elasticity. This comprehensive approach represents a new frontier in skin care, providing a multifaceted solution that goes beyond traditional anti-aging strategies."

Keene continues, "Eterwell Youth, in-cosmetics Global 2024 Best Active Ingredient Gold Award winner, NYSCC Maverick Ingredient Award winner and CEW Beauty Award Finalist, is a true senolytic solution that works at the cellular level to revert skin damage induced by zombie cells, reversing skin appearance by six years after two weeks, and nine years in just three months (for the first time, full substantiation in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo). Powered by senolytics science and 100% of natural origin, is our holistic well-aging sustainable solution that selectively targets destructive zombie cells to properly remove them, re-boosting the natural skin processes and promoting healthy-looking skin. It is proudly COSMOS, Natrue organic and Fair for Life fair trade certified."


Helen Cantrell, director of sales and marketing, Eco-Shell, says, "One trend that we’re seeing is increased consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products. Nowadays, consumers are continuously looking for ways to cut back on their own personal emissions and choosing sustainable products to care for their skin on a daily basis is one way they can achieve this."


Cantrell adds, "Another trend we’re seeing is the demand for products to offer clear, specific benefits. Consumers are consistently looking for products that best fit their needs, like anti-aging and wrinkle reducing benefits. Just as everyone’s skin has different needs, skin care products should reflect that. For example, walnut shells from Eco-Shell contain polyphenols, so skin products that feature walnut shells could tout antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits."

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