In-Cosmetics Shows North American Innovation

Close-up face of beauty young woman applying face foundation
Close-up face of beauty young woman applying face foundation
Valua Vitaly - Fotolia

This year's In-Cosmetics, hosted in Paris on April 12-14, 2016, will feature some of North America's leading suppliers, looking to expand their business outside of the US with partnerships with manufacturers around the world.

You can read a preview of the event's presentations in "Dynamic Deo -- Getting Body Responsive."

More than 700 businesses will be present, with 73 based in North America. Visitors will be able to see the raw materials and ingredients from the country.

Air Products will be launching InuMax Advanced Retinol Cosmetic Active, a solution presenting retinol stability helping maximize a product's anti-aging benefits, while minimizing skin irritation.

Ashland will introduce new ingredients like a biofunctional that improves the presence of blue light-sensitive photoreceptors in skin.

Floratech will present its raw material and ingredient range for hair, skin and skin care products.

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