Men: Mystery Boxes will 180 Your Shaving Routine


The Personal Barber shaving subscription is a monthly subscription box based around the traditional wet shave with safety razor and brush. To help shaving turn from a daily chore to an enjoyable ritual, the company is developing mystery boxes full of shaving gear.

The mystery boxes contain wet shaving gear each month including avocado and lime shaving cream, 18th century shaving balm, pre-shave oils, a hot towel and more. The first month’s subscription includes a free safety razor and shaving brush.

The mystery boxes are beneficial as the products each month are handpicked and come in different scents and creams from a variety of brands. The proper metal safety razor uses a single blade, which helps those with sensitive skin and prevents irritation. The single blade is replaceable on the classic safety razor and can be saved up and recycled.

From the second month onward, the company sends new soaps, blades and extra pre- and post-shave products to try out such as oils, balms, colognes, alums and more.  Additionally, the subscription is flexible and lets users skip a month and resume if leaving town.

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