Shiseido Launches Tsubaki Brand in Russia

Shiseido announced plans to launch its Tsubaki hair care brand in Russia in June through its wholly owned Shiseido Russia subsidiary. The products will be sold exclusively at L’Etoile, the prestige cosmetics specialty chain store based in Moscow, and will be available at approximately 600 stores across Russia. With this initiative, Shiseido will enter a new category in Russia in addition to cosmetics with the aim of enhancing its in-store share by expanding points of contact with customers.

This is also part of Shiseido’s is three-year plan for fiscal 2011–2013 that targets the company becoming “a global player representing Asia with its origins in Japan.”& Under this plan, four growth strategies are being executed—the global mega-brand strategy, Asia breakthrough strategy, new frontier strategy and customer-first strategy.

Among these, the “new frontier strategy” objective is meant to enhance initiatives in emerging countries. As one of the primary emerging markets, emphasis is being placed on the efforts being undertaken by Shiseido Russia, which is achieving favorable business expansion. Up until now, investment of management resources has been centered on Moscow and St. Petersburg. Going forward, however, initiatives will be also be promoted with a view toward major cities in regional areas as a means of expanding points of contact with customers in seeking to become one of the top five brands in the prestige market focusing on skin care business.

Introduction of Tsubaki in Russia

Sales counters at Russian prestige cosmetics specialty chain stores are centered on cosmetics, including fragrance products. Even so, mid- to high-end-priced hair care products of European and U.S. brands are flourishing, driven by the high aesthetic sensitivity of Russian women.

In joint cooperation with L’Etoile, Shiseido Russia will introduce Shiseido’s Tsubaki brand as the company's first expansion into the European luxury hair care market. The decision was made as part of efforts to further enhance Shiseido brand recognition and expand customer contact points.

In terms of market development, with the launch of Tsubaki in Russia, the line will now be sold in eight countries and regions including Japan.

A total of eight products and 12 items, including shampoo in regular and large sizes, conditioner, treatments and hair mask items, will be launched from the red line, which promotes beautiful, shiny hair, and the white line, which treats damaged hair. Retail prices are expected to range between 320–900 rubles.

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